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Bradford Huang 黄海平

Bradford Huang 黄海平
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    🌟Introducing Bradford Huang🌟- A shining star in real estate and a licensed general contractor, now joining The Superior Realty Group, brokered by EXP Realty!
    With a phenomenal journey in the real estate industry beginning in 2003, Bradford has built an enviable reputation and a wealth of knowledge that spans two decades. His hard work and dedication to his clients were rewarded with many career award, a testament to his consistent superior performance and unwavering commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
    But his impressive resume doesn’t end there. In addition to being a distinguished realtor, Bradford is a licensed general contractor. This dual expertise uniquely positions him to offer a comprehensive perspective on both the buying/selling and the building/renovation aspects of home ownership.
    Join us in welcoming Bradford Huang to our team, as we look forward to his invaluable contributions to our mission of providing superior service to our clients!


    但这还不是全部 – Bradford还是一名执照承包商!这意味着除了买卖房产的能力外,他对家居建设和翻新也有深入的理解。这种独特的技能组合使他能够为客户提供全面的建议,使他成为任何购房者或卖家的真正宝贵资产。

    随着他加入我们在The Superior Realty Group的团队,Bradford带来了一个整合了经纪和建筑两个方面的全面视角。有了他丰富的经验和双重专业技能,我们有信心Bradford将帮助我们提升服务水平,并为我们的客户提供无与伦比的支持。

    Bradford的加入无疑是我们的庆祝事由,我们急切期待他无疑将对我们的团队产生的积极影响。我们希望您将和我们一起热烈欢迎Bradford Huang – 我们最新的成员,以及房地产和建筑领域的真正巨星。

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