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Anna Chi Huang 黄安娜

Anna Chi Huang 黄安娜
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    Anna, the exceptional team leader of The Superior Realty Group in Elk Grove &Sacramento, has 14 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has represented clients across California in hundreds of transactions, building a strong client base through her honesty, professionalism, and dedication to clients’ needs.

    Originally from Belize, Anna maintained her connection to her Chinese roots by spending five years in China, learning Mandarin. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, Anna moved to the U.S. at 16 and entered high school, but never had the chance to attend college. She started working as a processor for a small business, inspired by her sister to enter the real estate industry.

    Striving to learn, Anna attended numerous seminars and eventually obtained her real estate license. In 2008, she sold 30 properties in her first year as a licensed agent. Despite earning modest commissions, she persisted in generating leads and eventually found success through a caravan called The Home Bus Tour. This initiative boosted her business, allowing her to rent luxury buses and solidifying her determination.

    Anna spent 14 years with Remax Gold, earning their highest award, The Pinnacle Club, which recognized over 2 million dollars in Gross Commission Income (GCI). In 2019, she joined eXp Brokerage as the team leader of The Superior Realty Group, which now has 19 Team Members and continues to grow.

    An active philanthropist, Anna is involved in the nonprofit Children’s Miracle Network, giving back to her community. She is guided by the belief that one’s perspective shapes their reality and that money is merely a byproduct of helping others. Anna encourages perseverance, dreaming big, and understanding the reasons behind hard work.

    Family-oriented, Anna cherishes quality time with her husband and two children, as well as her love for dogs.

    She believes in this quote and follows it by heart. “We don’t see things as they are, but we
    see them as we are.” A will-driven person who excels in doing an extra mile for people who
    need her services. Money for her is just a side effect of doing good deeds to others.

    安娜是Superior Realty Group 团队的领导,担任鹿群萨克拉门托地区的 The Superior Realty Group 的主管,拥有14年的房地产行业经验。她代表加利福尼亚州各地的客户参与了数百项房地产交易,在社区中通过她的诚实、专业和对客户需求的承诺建立了坚实的客户基础。



    安娜在Remax Commercial工作了14年,获得了他们最高的奖项——The Pinnacle Club,该奖项表彰了超过200万美元的毛佣金收入(GCI)。2019年,她加入eXp Brokerage担任The Superior Realty Group的团队领导,现有10名业务合作伙伴,且持续增长。

    作为一名活跃的慈善家,安娜参与非营利组织儿童奇迹网络(Children’s Miracle Network),回馈社区。她受到一种信念的指引,即一个人的视角塑造了他们的现实,而金钱只是帮助他人的副产品。安娜鼓励坚持不懈,勇敢追梦,理解努力工作背后的原因。


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